Transforming properties with MONTAL


Montal is a completely closed-loop real estate investment, development, and transformation firm. Through an innovative model of engaging shareholders, the company offers the marketplace two unique elements:
1) Broad Territorial Opportunity
2) Ongoing Project Proximity


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Experiences
  • Magazine Design
  • Folder Design

The Problems:

Montal has a proven track record, albeit for its smaller projects. Now that the firm is looking toward more ambitious horizons, our assignment was to bring the brand up along with it. It’s a classic case of “Dressing for the job you want.”


Critically, the shift from the Montal of yesterday to the Montal of tomorrow must feel natural. It should not come across as a ‘boosted’ version of what was, but an identity that looks like Montal had been this capable and this known since ever.

The Aproach:

We approached the brand’s visual as a classic two-part logo:

A clean wordmark with very intentional features, and a strong logomark that is designed to tell a story. That story is of Montal’s history, growth, stability, and future ambitions.

A sense of lift and rise permeate the logomark, leading onward and upward. It represents Montal’s project trajectory from dealmaking to underwriting, closing, zoning, architecture, construction, permitting, delivery, transformation and exit.