Kaala App: Bridging Borders, Transforming Payments with Intuitive Illustrations

Kaala App is on a mission to make money borderless. They have set out to bring the powerful features of digital currencies to the 99% of the global population who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies but share a strong desire for cross-border payments, low fees, speed, security, privacy, and ease of use.

Our Role:

We joined forces with Kaala App to help them fulfill their mission by creating a seamless and user-friendly payment app that caters to the needs of a diverse global audience. As part of our contribution, we designed custom illustrations to enhance their app’s user experience.


  •  Enhanced Accessibility: Kaala App’s user-friendly design, coupled with our custom illustrations, made digital currency accessible to a broader audience, expanding their reach.
  • Increased Privacy and Security: Users experienced the peace of mind that comes with secure, private transactions, with the added benefit of visual cues through our illustrations.
  • Streamlined Cross-Border Payments: Kaala App’s intuitive illustrations guided users through the app, facilitating seamless cross-border payments with low fees and fast transaction times.


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